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How often when you receive a flower delivery do you think, "I wonder how much of this packaging can go in to my recycling bin\s?"  This is something that has been bothering us as nature loving florists for some time now.

After extensive research we chose to go down the home compostable route by ensuring EVERYTHING that you receive from us can be put in your home compost bin. Rest assured if you don't have the opportunity to home compost everything you receive can go in to your recycling bins.

Here's what you can do depending on what your local refuse collectors offer in the way of recycling options. Pop the cardboard box and paper in to your paper recycling bin.  Whilst the flowers, moss and starch bag can go in your garden waste bin.  If in doubt check with your local recycling team.

Since our original shop started back in the 90's we have been putting together stunning florist choice bouquets for many of our customer.  Why do we prefer to offer our florists choice?  Because our florists select the best seasonal flowers for you and create beautiful flower designs tailored to your colour choice.

Our priority at all times is our customers satisfaction.  We try to ensure that every order we process is fulfilled to expectations.  It is important to use that you are happy with your purchase and, therefore, we guarantee the flowers for 7 days (Roses and some seasonal flowers 5 days).  If you have any problems with your flowers please contact us straight away.  Take care of your flowers so that you get the maximum life from your bouquet.

REMEMBER keep flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight, the cooler the room the longer they last!  Always use the flower food provided.  Change the water regularly and follow the care guide instructions received with your flowers.

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